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12 reports about 201-428-2552

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Ree L 3rd Oct, 2012+0
have several recorded messages being reported for check fraud ect... I am not new to this form of collecting but am tired if writing to the attorneys general,BBB and cease & desist letters. I will never pay these vultures so they need to come and get me. I will however pay the original company that truely deserves their money back. I no longer answer out of area phone numbers.
rich Love 3rd Oct, 2012+0
I too received a call from this number on Christmas eve. I live in Ontario, Canada
CTV NEWS 4th Sep, 2012+0
Unsolicited text message advertising a website for payday advance loans.
Annonymous 7th Aug, 2012+0
This guys are real genius they have saved me to go in jail, really thanks to them for such kind of help
AOB 5th Jun, 2012+0
This number phones me at least once a day, if I answer nobody says anything, if I call them back nobody picks up.. very odd.
Thought you should k 15th Apr, 2012+0
they offering a pldt long distance call when i said i am not interested and hang up they call again using unknown number i thought different caller first its silent then a girl talk saying no no no no yes yes yes yes i said hello she repeated again so i get upset i told if mother f- had nothing to do stop calling and oi hang up and they call again and the guy i spoke the first time he said f- you to me.
MARCK 30th Mar, 2012+0
A robotic voice said, "Is Stanford There??" I then said to repeat it because I didn't quite make it out... It then said, again, with the same voice and inflexion, "Is Stanford There??" I said, No, there's no one here by that name. It then said "I'm sorry. Well, you have a good day now."
Alix 25th Mar, 2012+0
i need to know the name of hte caller
JGA 9th Mar, 2012+0
The person would not tell me who they were with and said they would call back later. I said do not call me. Just communicate by mail.
apl 20th Nov, 2011+0
calls everyday and never leaves a msg
Ade 24th Aug, 2011+0
Appears to be marketing company. Per Sprint number has been reported as a scam number
Barryington 22nd Aug, 2011+0
This number keeping calling, I am so tried of this, they call but no one answer,they just hang up,so today I call my local phone company to see if I could block them YES!!!!!!!!!!, so here how I done it,SELECTIVE CALL REJECTION.Call your local phone company. peace at last

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StateNew Jersey
CarrierNextel Communications Inc